Elk Hunting News

Elk Set up Permanent Residence in Loveland
Elk were seen occasionally in the Loveland area for the past ten years, but seemingly overnight the population increased by several hundred - and they are apparently staying.
2003 CWD Survey
The 2003 annual survey for CWD is targetting Wildlife Management Units in central and eastern Alberta only. A poster has been distributed to licence vendors and other outlets around the province, and particularly in the target areas. Hunters in these areas are asked to drop off mature elk or deer heads (NOT calves or fawns) at any district office of the Fish and Wildlife Division, Alberta Sustainable Resource Development during business hours.
Big Game Season Elk Forecast
From their antlers to their bugle, their ivories to their size, elk capture a hunter’s imagination in a way no other species does. Then there is the way a bull simply vaporizes at the edge of a meadow.
North Cascades Receives 41 Elk
A cooperative effort to bolster a weak population of elk in the North Cascades resulted in the successful transfer of 41 animals from the Mount St. Helens area Oct. 4-5.
Successful Elk Hunters Reminded to Check-in
Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) officials say some elk hunters are not checking in their harvested elk as is required of them by law. According to Regional Wildlife Manager John Wrede of Rapid City, all elk taken in South Dakota must be checked by a GFP Conservation Officer or a designated check-in station within 24 hours of harvesting an elk.
Wildlife Biologist Provides Elk and Deer Hunting Tips
Determining deer and elk activity patterns in your hunt area can be the key to success, says an Arizona Game and Fish Department biologist who specializes in big game. Here are some tips from Brian Wakeling.
FGA Calls for Action Against Elk Rancher
The Alberta Fish and Game Association is calling on the province to get on with it and to take legal action against a game-farm rancher who may have knowingly released a herd of 20 elk into the wild.
13 Escaped Elk Taken By FWP
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wardens killed 13 of the 22 elk that remained at large after escaping last week from an alternative livestock facility near Winifred. "We're asking hunters to notify FWP if they take one of these elk. We'll remove the identification tags and test the animal for chronic wasting disease," said Tim Feldner, FWP's commercial wildlife permitting manager.
Tips for Elk Hunting Success
Plenty of elk will be available to Utah's bull elk hunters when the state's general bull elk season kicks off Oct. 4. Putting one of those animals in the freezer, however, requires knowing where the animals are and the effort and willingness to get there.
Elk Hunting Clinic Offered
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is sponsoring an elk-hunting clinic September 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the DOW Office, 4255 Sinton Road in Colorado Springs. The clinic is designed to help hunters improve their chances during the upcoming seasons. The clinic will teach hunters how and where to find elk, how to prepare for the hunt and what techniques to use in the field. Elk biology will be discussed along with safety and ethics.