Elk Hunting News

Antler Gathering Course Now Online in Utah

Gathering antlers that drop off the heads of deer, elk and moose is an activity that's grown in popularity across the country, including here in Utah. The challenge with shed-antler gathering is that it happens during the worst time of the year for the animals and the habitat the animals rely on in the winter.

Arizona Application Deadline for Elk, Pronghorn Hunts is Feb. 14

Hunters are reminded that the application deadline for the draw for Arizona’s 2012 elk and pronghorn antelope hunts is Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012 by 7 p.m. (MST).

Tennessee WRC Considering a Youth Elk Tag for Special Hunt

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission has announced its intention to provide an extra tag for youth only at the 2012 elk hunt at North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, said if implemented, the youth tag would be in addition to the four tags that would be drawn and the tag that has been donated to a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). There would now be a total of six tags available for the special season. The youth tag would be for Tennessee resident youth only between the ages of 13-16.

Wildlife Area Near Ellensburg, Washington to Close February-April to Protect Elk, Reduce Private Land Damage

For the fifth consecutive year, about 44,000 acres of state wildlife land east of Ellensburg will be closed to motor vehicles Feb. 1 through April 30 to protect wintering elk from disturbance, and in turn reduce elk damage to adjacent private lands.

Report Hunt Results By the Jan. 31 Deadline for Chance to Win Special Tags in Oregon

Hunters need to report the results of most big game and turkey hunts by Jan. 31, 2012. Hunters should complete a report for each and every deer, elk, bear, cougar, pronghorn and turkey tag purchased, even if they didn’t fill their tag or go hunting. The participation and harvest rate information is critical for setting tags and seasons.

Elk-Brucellosis Working Group Set To Meet In Bozeman, Montana

A newly appointed working group charged with developing elk management options in areas where the transmission of brucellosis between elk and livestock is a concern is set to meet in Bozeman Jan. 26-27.

The working group will lead an effort to examine effective elk management options and risk prevention efforts in several southwestern Montana hunting districts. The areas generally include hunting districts that border or are near Yellowstone National Park.

California Hunters and Wildlife Both Win With Big Game Fund-Raising Tags

Random drawings expected to generate more than $250,000 for big game conservation in 2012

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is pleased to announce four random drawings for big game license tags in 2012. These drawings will raise funds needed for vital wildlife conservation programs.

New This Year: Montana Deer and Elk Permit Applications Due in March

Hunters in Montana can get an early start on making plans for the upcoming season thanks to recent license-purchase and special permit-application deadline changes.

This year hunting and fishing licenses go on sale Jan. 16 and the deadline for residents and nonresidents to apply for deer and elk permits has moved up to March 15.

In past years, new hunting licenses would go on sale at the end of February and special deer and elk permits were due June 1.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission recently adjusted the dates in response to public comment.

Motorist Captures Idaho Elk Herd on the Run

Josh Hoisington was heading home from a fishing trip this fall and captured video of a large herd of elk on the run.

"To see this sight was pretty incredible," Hoisington said. "Seeing this elk herd has made my first year in Idaho amazing."

Maryland to Assess Public Opinion on Potential Reintroduction of Elk in Western Maryland

The Maryland Legislative Sportsmen’s Foundation (MLSF), the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) today announced plans to conduct an extensive public opinion survey to determine the viability of elk reintroduction to Western Maryland. Elk once roamed Maryland, but have been absent since the 1700s.