Elk Hunt Expanded In Bancroft Area, Ontario

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McGuinty Government Committed To Sustainable Elk Population

Ontario is extending its elk hunt in the Bancroft area from one week to two weeks this year, running from September 17 to 30.

Due to the successful restoration efforts of the Ontario government and its partners, elk have made a comeback in the province. The elk population is particularly strong in the Bancroft region, which last year supported the first elk hunt in Ontario since elk were reintroduced more than 10 years ago.

The extended hunt will help manage the population in the Bancroft area while continuing to ensure a long-term, sustainable elk population.


  • The elk draw opens May 1 and closes June 11.
  • Elk disappeared from Ontario during the late 1800s. Between 1998 and 2001, the elk population was restored by releasing elk from Alberta at four sites in Ontario, including Bancroft, Blind River, south of Sudbury and south of Kenora.
  • Hunters buy more than 330,000 licences to hunt in Ontario annually, generating approximately $15 million in sales.
  • Wild turkey is another species reintroduced to Ontario. They disappeared before 1984 but now boast a thriving and growing population of more than 70,000.