Elevate Your Game with Mossy Oak® Treestand®

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Mossy Oak, the industry leader in camouflage design, is proud to introduce its newest pattern, Treestand, designed specifically for hardcore whitetail hunters who hunt from an elevated position. Treestand offers whitetail hunters the ideal camouflage solution for altering their silhouette among the bare limbs of a tree in late fall.

"Hunting whitetails from a tree is one of our favorite pursuits here at Mossy Oak," said founder and CEO Toxey Haas. "If we took the time to add up all the hours that our staff has spent in a treestand over the years, we’d probably wonder just how anything gets done around here. But it is exactly that dedication to the sport that helps us bring you a pattern as effective as Treestand."

Nearly 20 years ago, Mossy Oak introduced the original version of Treestand and revolutionized the way we look at camo by being the first to incorporate tree limbs into a pattern. Almost two decades later, Treestand now utilizes digital technology to exactly reproduce the details and subtleties of actual tree limbs laid over the neutral tones most commonly seen when looking up through bare trees.

This pattern was specifically designed with the elevated hunter in mind," said Butch English, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mossy Oak. "Treestand is built to defeat the 'deer's eye view' of looking up through the limbs of bare trees. Our new Treestand pattern is the ultimate camo for the over 12 million hunters that hit the woods each year in pursuit of whitetails."

Treestand will be available on products from the following partner companies:

Eastman Outfitters
Gorilla™ Treestands
Leaf River
Loggy Bayou
Mad Dog Gear®
Mossy Oak® Apparel Co.
Outdoor Cap®
Paramount Apparel™
Parker Bows
PSE Archery®
Remington® Arms
Rivers West
Scent Blocker®
Sitka Gear
TenPoint® Crossbows
Under Armour®