Eastern Sports Show Presents "A Taste of the Great Outdoors"

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"A Taste of the Great Outdoors" is one of the most popular events at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show,® presented by Chevrolet. It's a can't miss really... the perfect Sports Show combination--delicious game recipes prepared by talented chefs.

On Tuesday, February 10, from 5 to 7 PM, students and chefs from the culinary school at Harrisburg Area Community College will present a variety of delectable game recipes in the Small Arena to the hundreds of attendees who can't wait to sample unique game recipes and learn new cooking techniques from cooking professionals. During the event over a thousand free samples will be consumed.

This year's offerings will include entrees made with venison, wild turkey, pheasant, and bear meat.

For more Show information visit www.easternsportshow.com.