DWR to Conduct Administrative Checkpoints

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The Division of Wildlife Resources is planning a number of administrative checkpoints across Utah this summer and fall.

Checkpoints, once called roadblocks, provide a way to contact many people along the state's transportation arteries. Anglers and hunters can expect to encounter one or more of these checkpoints during their fishing and hunting trips.

Checkpoints are an important tool the DWR uses to monitor compliance with hunting and fishing regulations. Biologists can collect data from anglers and sportsmen and from harvested wildlife. Where necessary, conservation officers can issue citations, seize illegally taken game and make arrests. C

heckpoints will be conducted on a variety of highways and roads throughout the state. It's the responsibility of the DWR to protect and conserve Utah's wildlife. By curbing poaching, over-limits and other unlawful activity, the DWR is able to better fulfill its mission to the state's wildlife resource and the general public.