Don't Miss the NRA Great American Hunters Tour

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Late-season hunting opportunities may be drawing to a close around the country in the coming weeks, but the NRA Great American Hunters Tour is just heating up, with a dozen tour stops planned nationwide in 2008.

The event features 40 of North America's most famous, highest-scoring whitetail mounts, including the legendary "Hole in the Horn" buck and Boone & Crockett's No. 1 typical of all-time, the 213 6/8-inch Milo Hanson Buck.

"We have monster bucks in our Great American Whitetail Collection," said Bob Davis, Manager of the NRA Hunter Services Department. "These are the kinds of bucks that get your heart racing and keep you up at night."

After seeing those bruiser bucks, stick around to learn how to bag one of your own from such hunting experts as Ray Eye, Dwight Schuh, Mike Hanback, and Larry Weishuhn, who will be on hand at select shows this year.

Hunters will also have the opportunity to purchase NRA gear and swap stories and tactics with NRA staff at the event, as well as learn more about the issues that affect hunters' rights - and what NRA is doing to protect them. From combating anti-hunting and red tape legislation to ensuring that hunters have places to hunt and ranges to practice on, NRA is at the forefront in the fight for hunters' rights.

"NRA is the only group with the muscle to keep hunting alive," said Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of NRA General Operations. "Hunters' rights must be defended or they will be lost."

To that end, NRA has developed a new Web site devoted to increasing awareness about issues that threaten hunting. Visit to learn more.

For more information on the NRA Great American Hunters Tour, or to book the tour for an outdoor show in your area, contact the NRA Hunter Services Department at 800-492-HUNT, send an email to, or visit