DNR Requests Deer Jawbones from McDowell and Wyoming Counties

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Wildlife biologists from the Division of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Section are again asking archery hunters in Wyoming and McDowell counties to supply a lower jawbone from any deer they kill, according to Larry Berry, District Biologist in Beckley. Data obtained from jawbones can be used by biologists to reconstruct the deer population, which is a way to monitor deer numbers in the bow-only counties.

“We hope to use data collected from jawbones, spotlight surveys, and the Bowhunter Survey to monitor changes in deer densities in McDowell and Wyoming counties. We have to use different methods of gathering data on the deer herd in McDowell and Wyoming counties because we do not have a traditional firearms deer season,” said Berry . Berry urges hunters to submit jawbones from all deer that are killed.

“We need jawbones from bucks, does, and fawns to accurately reconstruct the population. Hunters who provide jawbones will be playing an active role in managing the deer herd in McDowell and Wyoming counties," said Berry . Postage paid jawbone envelopes are available at all official game checking stations in McDowell and Wyoming counties.