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Looking for a new place to hunt this fall? The Minnesota DNR offers its Public Recreation Information Maps (PRIM) as a resource for recreational hunters looking for public lands on which to hunt.

The maps are divided into 51 area maps and contain a great deal of public ownership data, including federal, state and county lands. All maps have been updated within the last three years to provide hunters with the most current information for planning their outing.

Deer hunters may find good places to hunt in the wildlife management areas, state forests and other public lands around the state. Duck hunters may find it useful to know where the WMAs and wildlife lakes are located and where they can put in their watercraft.

Each map displays parks, forests, scientific and natural areas, waterfowl production areas and wildlife management areas. In addition, each map shows facilities such as state trails, fishing piers, campgrounds, historic sites and more.

PRIM maps are available from the DNR Gift Shop at 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, Minnesota's Bookstore, 117 University Ave., St. Paul, and several sporting goods and map stores around the state. They can be purchased online at www.minnesotasbookstore.com. Maps are $4.95 each, plus tax.

The DNR advises hunters to be aware of private property when they are looking into a new hunting area, and to always ask first before hunting on private property.