DFG Meetings to Explore Big Game Regulation Changes

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When it comes to managing Idaho's wildlife resources, deciding the role that sportsmen will play is a major piece of the puzzle. To help fit all the pieces together, IDFG will be hosting a series of scoping meetings throughout the region in mid-December. The major topics up for discussion will be big game regulation changes, non-biological changes, and the new statewide whitetail deer management plan.

According to Regional Wildlife Manager Daryl Meints, "This first round of scoping meetings is intended to sound out the public on ideas for how they might like to see future big game issues addressed". In addition to proposed changes in the big game hunting seasons, non-biological topics are also open for discussion. An example of such an issue would be the current debate about what types of primers should be allowed for use during a muzzleloader only hunts.

These scoping meetings are the first chance that sportsmen will have to let their opinions be heard, but certainly not the last. A second round of meetings are set for February in the same three locations to present to sportsmen proposals created from responses to the first set of meetings.

SCOPING MEETING SCHEDULE - All meetings start at 7:00 PM

Tuesday, Dec. 16, Arco, Arco Elementary School

Wednesday, Dec. 17, Idaho Falls, IDFG Regional Office

Thursday, Dec. 18, Rexburg, Madison Middle School

Individuals with disabilities may request meeting accommodations by contacting Daryl Meints at the Idaho Department of Fish & Game at 525-7290 or through the Idaho Relay Service at 1-800-377-3529(TDD). Individuals not able to attend, but wishing to comment may do so via E-mail at dmeints@idfg.state.id.us or by regular mail to IDFG /4279 Commerce Circle in Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401. The deadline for all comments is 5:00 P.M. on Friday, December 19, 2003.