Deer Regulation is Approved by Legislative Committee

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Legislative approval of Vermont's new deer hunting rules came on Thursday, June 9, when the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules met in Montpelier and voted to approve the new regulation.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board made changes to the proposed deer hunting regulation during a special meeting held Wednesday, June 1.

The board changed the annual limit of deer to two, both of which may be bucks. They placed a statewide antler restriction that defines a legal buck as a deer with at least one antler with two or more points. A point must measure at least one inch from base to tip to be legal. And, archery hunters may take an antlerless deer during the archery season without a permit, but only in the Wildlife Management Units open for antlerless harvest, as determined by the board.

The board will review the antlerless deer hunting rule to determine which WMUs will be open for antlerless harvest. Permits will still be issued for antlerless hunting. The current proposed antlerless rule would issue 16,634 permits to have 3,547 antlerless deer harvested. The permits would be issued in 13 of the 24 WMUs.

The board will meet again and take its third and final vote on deer hunting rules on Wednesday, June 15, at 6:00 p.m. in the Pavilion Auditorium on State Street in Montpelier.

Dates for this year's deer seasons are as follows:
Archery - October 1-23 and December 3-11
Rifle - November 12 - 27
Muzzleloader - December 3 - 11

The proposed deer management rule and the antlerless deer hunting rule are posted on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website ( Click on Law Enforcement and choose "Rules & Proposed Rules" from the drop-down menu.