Deer Permit Applications Online

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Not only does the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks offer a number of licenses, permits, stamps, publications, and other issues online at the agency's website, turkey and deer hunters can download permit applications from the website, here.

Currently, nonresident deer applications are online. This same application is also used for Kansas landowners and tenants who want to apply for a transferrable permit during the nonresident application period, which ends May 31. Resident applications for any-deer permits will be online in mid-June. Area brochures, Walk-In Hunting Area maps, a fishing forecast, park information, and many other items are also available on the site.

While the online sale items are slightly more expensive than over the counter -- due to the cost of online credit card verification -- permit applications and other materials are free.

Outdoorsmen and women are taking advantage of this service with greater frequency each month, according to department officials.

"In April, our website had 1,569,289 hits," says KDWP webmaster Dana Eastes. "And that's just to our home page. Many visitors to the site bookmark the fishing reports, or some other page, and just go directly there, bypassing the home page."

The following is a list of Wildlife and Parks online sales offerings, and their comparative prices over the counter (OTC) at agency offices and select vendors.

Online and. Over-the-Counter Prices of KDWP Licenses and Permits
Item OTC Price Online Price
Resident fishing license $18.50 $19.75
Nonresident fishing license $40.50 $43.25
Nonresident 5-day fishing license $20.50 $21.75
24-hour fishing license $5.50 $6.25
Trout stamp $10.50 $11.25
Resident combination hunting/fishing license $36.50 $38.25
Resident hunting license $18.50 $19.75
Nonresident hunting license $70.50 $73.25
Junior nonresident hunting license (under 16) $35.50 $37.25
State waterfowl stamp $5.25 $6.25
48-hour waterfowl license $25.50 $26.75
Furharvester license $18.50 $19.75
Controlled shooting area hunting license $15.50 $16.25
Sandhill crane permit $5.50 $6
Harvest Information Program (HIP) stamp $.50 $1
Boat registration renewal (16 feet and over) $25.50 $26.75
Boat registration renewal (under 16 feet) $20.50 $21.75
1-year Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine (6 issues) $10 $11
2-year Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine (12 issues) $18 $19.50
3-year Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine (18 issues) $27 $28.50