Deer Hunters Reminded to Register Their Deer With Delaware's NREC’s New Toll-free Number and Website

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With the upcoming 2011 October muzzleloader (Oct. 7-15 ) and November shotgun (Nov. 11-19) deer seasons fast approaching, the DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife wants to remind hunters that there is a new toll-free phone number and website address to access the deer registration system. This phone and internet system is also required to obtain a Harvest Information Program (HIP) Number, a License Exempt Number (LEN) and a Snow Goose Conservation Order Permit Number.  

The new toll-free number to access this system is 1-855-335-4868 (1-855-DELHUNT).  The new web address is  A customer service number, 302-735-3600, has also been established to help hunters with questions about the system.

“We need to remind hunters of this phone number and website change because many have stored the old number  among their ”favorites” on their phone and computer,” said Rob Hossler, Game Species Program Manager. “The requirements for hunters are otherwise similar to previous years although we have tried to improve the system to make it more user-friendly,” he added. 

·         Similar to last year, all successful deer hunters must register their deer within 24 hours of harvest. Using the phone and internet system, hunters will be asked a series of questions after which they will be given a deer harvest registration number. This number will serve as proof the animal was properly checked and should be kept for the hunter’s records and written in ink on the deer tag for the animal harvested. Hunters who take their deer to a butcher shop or taxidermist also will need to supply this number to the shop owner as proof the deer was registered.

·         Hunters and trappers who are exempt from purchasing a license are required to obtain a license ex­empt number (LEN) from the Division at no cost. This number, also known as the hunter identification number (HIN), must be obtained annually and used whenever a hunter is asked for a license number, such as for registering a deer. If a license-exempt hunter chooses to purchase a license anyway, they are not required to obtain a LEN number. The LEN system was created so that game harvest and opinions of license-exempt hunters and trappers could be evaluated and considered when establishing new stat­utes, regulations and policies.  

·         As in previous years, for the 2011-2012 season Delaware migratory bird hunters must obtain a HIP number as required under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Harvest Information Program. To get the number using the phone and internet system, hunters will be asked to provide name and address, and answer a few ques­tions about their previous year’s hunting effort and success with migratory birds, including ducks, geese, doves, woodcock, rails, snipe and coots. This number is available free of charge.

·         Hunters interested in participating in the 2012 Snow Goose Conservation Order (CO) must have a valid Delaware or Maryland hunting license, a 2011 Delaware waterfowl stamp (Federal stamp not required), a Delaware HIP number and the free CO permit issued by the Division. This permit can be obtained, after Jan. 1, 2012, by computer registration at­hunt. This permit is available free of charge.

For questions about the hunter registration system, visit the website or call the customer service number at 302-735-3600.


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  Excellent Job Deleware on


Excellent Job Deleware on continuing your call-in or electronic process... and for communicating the changes so hunters are aware and able to efficiently complete the process.  Ohio finally following in your foot steps here.  I also like the LEN provided information for those hunters that are not required to pre-purchase the animal tags.  This allows these percentages of hunters to use the system as well.  Ohio failed to follow this foot step.  Hopefully they correct themselves and copy you on this aspect as well.  I know this hurt the little convenient or grocery store owner that was a check in location - lost sales - but in the long run this is an important process to use technology on.