Deer Carcass Left to Waste in Parachute, Colorado

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are asking for help in finding the person, or persons responsible for taking only the head and antlers from a mule deer found dead on the north side of County Road 300, across from the High Mesa Road.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Colorado Parks and Wildlife office in Grand Junction at 970-255-6100, or if they wish to remain anonymous, they can also call Operation Game Thief at 1-877-265-6648. OGT is offering $500 for information that leads to a citation. In addition, both Williams Petroleum and EnCana have offered to match that amount, bringing the total reward to $1500.

Officers believe the buck, which had been highly visible along the roadside during the past two weeks, was likely killed on late Monday, Nov. 7 or early the next morning.

"It was a nice buck, and several people had seen it recently," said District Wildlife Manager Elissa Knox. "We ask the public to call us if they have any information about who may have taken the head and antlers."

Taking trophy parts and leaving a carcass to waste is a serious offense that carries substantial penalties, and can include felony charges.

Although the majority of hunters remain legal, ethical and responsible, poachers continue to negatively impact Colorado's wildlife resource by illegally killing game every year. Poachers often do not buy licenses and typically steal trophy wildlife, taking opportunities away from legal hunters.

"Wildlife in Colorado belongs to all the people, and poachers steal from everyone," said Knox.

Wildlife officers continue their efforts to investigate all poaching incidents and bring offenders to justice, and they encourage the public to call their local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office or Operation Game Thief if they have information about illegal activity.

Tips and information provided by the public can help Wildlife Officers stop this destructive practice, and have resulted in numerous citations, arrests, and convictions.

For more information about poaching, please visit:


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  Another poaching article -


Another poaching article - and another one for Colorado.  It is great that two other organizations/companies come up with matching reward funds to assist in the capture and citation of these poachers.  Unfortunately another criminal taking away good meat and a harvest memory away from a law-abiding hunter.  Just last month I was speaking to a Colorado DOW officer and in the bed of their truck was an awesome mule deer rack that would have made a great memory for any legal hunter.  Instead it was a poached animal that the officer had confiscated from a recent incident.  We can only hope that $1500 in reward entices the right people who know what happened to come forth and assist in prosecution of this criminal.


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Once again stories like this

Once again stories like this are disgusting. I hope they can quickly catch whoever did this and make an example of them. We just got the report of how much game meat is donated every year with good data to promote hunting and helping people. Then you read something like this in the news. What story do you think anti hunters and the general public will remember the most? Hopefully since this deer was seen by so many people there are some good pictures of him to help if the person responsible tries to take him in anywhere or just tries to show off with him.