Deer and Elk Imports Banned

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Meeting by conference call August 16, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission voted to support the current Fish and Game Department policy of refusing approval of permits for importation of wild deer or elk into Idaho, due to the threat of chronic wasting disease. Fish and Game has no jurisdiction over domestic (game farm) deer or elk.

The Commission also approved an exchange of a half-acre of land at the Edson Fichter Management Area at Pocatello to a neighboring landowner for an easement to bury an irrigation pipeline across the landowner?s property.

The Commission approved a $72,544,483 budget proposal for fiscal year 2004. This includes funds from licenses, federal sources, grants, timber sales and mitigation. The proposal next goes to the state Division of Financial Management for approval or amendment by the Governor. The approved version will be considered by the legislature in 2003.