Dead Down Wind - Introduces Triple Action Detergent

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Dead Down Wind®, the industry leader in scent prevention introduces Triple Action 3D Laundry Detergent in a 20 ounce concentrated formula and drain back bottle. This unique formula controls odor, removes blood stains or other organic stains and even protects against fading or UV glow. Our ESP™ technology is the most effective laundry product for all hunting apparel including synthetics, carbon or technical fibers.

For the first time, one product does it all removing odor, cleaning, stain removal and garment protection on virtually any type of apparel. The exclusive ESP™ formula even knocks out chemical odors like earth scents, fresh scents or cover scents and unclogs carbon apparel. Dead Down Wind's proprietary formula uses multiple types of enzymes for Broad Spectrum results. For the best results in odor control and to extend the useful life of your apparel use a biological laundry product, not a chemical detergent - use Dead Down Wind.

Unlike chemical laundry products, Triple Action Laundry with 3D technology will never cause camouflage patterns to fade, even after repeated washings. High efficiency washer approved, the concentrated formula only needs one ounce per regular load. You can have the best and save money in the process with Triple Action 3D Laundry Detergent from Dead Down Wind. With an MSRP of $ 10.99, concentrated 3D Broad Spectrum technology is the only laundry product that does it all, and like every DDW product carries a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. (Item Number #1120)

Dead Down Wind offers biological solutions that are readily biodegrade and reduce skin sensitivity issues compared to common chemical alternatives. More effective odor control that's better for you and the great outdoors.


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”For the first time, one product does it all”

Dead Down Wind says ”For the first time, one product does it all” – I have to start by saying that that sounds just too good to be true.  I have to admit that this sounds like a wonderful product but this advertisement is just so glowing that it calls the old adage to mind that if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is.  Still at $11 it is probably worth giving it a shot.  You won’t lose much even if it actually only does half of what it claims to.   If it removes odor and cleans like regular detergent you have got your money’s worth.  If it really does stain removal and garment protection without fading plus protects against fading or UV glow – wow you have a bargain on your hands and it would be the most effective laundry product on the market today.

I’m not sure how they can say that it will never cause camouflage patterns to fade, even after repeated washings unless they are going to argue that its just the water not their product that causes fading….  I guess there is really nothing to lose since they say that this detergent carries the Dead Down Wind product Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

I guess the worst case would be that you try it and are disappointed in the results so you could ask for your money back?  That doesn’t sound like too bad an option to me.  Best case, the product actually delivers on its promises and you get way more than you deserve for from fifty cents worth of laundry soap.

Either option sounds a LOT more attractive than Sean’s suggestion to go a week without showering  ;)  even if you are going to use the wind to your advantage! 


Ca_Vermonster's picture

It would be interesting to

It would be interesting to try, but as with scentblocker, and the lawsuit they just went through, it's not always as good as it sounds.

I am a firm believer in setting up properly for the wind.  If you use the wind to your advantage, you could go a week without showering, and still have animals walk right up to you, and not know you're there. 

There is always a gimmick out there though.

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Well the advertising does

Well the advertising does make it sound pretty good if it really works as they say it does. Removes the blood stains is not something regular soap does reliably. Does not cause fading is a really big thing for me as the amount of money you can spend on hunting clothes only to see it fading away after a few washes is really irritating. If you only need an ounce per load you will get 20 loads per 11 dollar bottle so I would be willing to pay that if it really worked as advertised.

jaybe's picture

Wow! "The only laundry

Wow! "The only laundry product that does it all"! I just love the language that we use these days to advertise our product as making all others obsolete. When you think of it, this is nothing new. I remember watching the old soap operas with my mother when I was a kid, and they said "Oxydol beats the sun!" (for getting clothes white). I have been told that some of the highest paid people are the people who lay awake nights thinking up new advertising slogans and ways to make their product sound like you are an idiot for buying anything else.

Having said that, I have never tried any of Dead Down Wind's products, so I really can't attest to their effectiveness. But I'll bet that this one will cause some people to purchase this product. It sure sounds like "it does it all!". Come to think of it, that's exactly what I need!


the detergent does not realy

the detergent does not realy does it aall i have tried it and have gone with the three step ESP. you need to add in the body was and feild spray for it all to work.