Daisy Brings Back the Model 25 Pump BB Gun

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If you are a hunter, shooter or backyard plinker, chances are you took your first shot with a Daisy BB gun. For many of you, that gun was the Red Ryder. Daisy's been making that icon of the 24-hour movie marathon ever since 1940... and still is.

But for many of you...the more mature crowd....it was another famous Daisy: The Pump Gun, also known as the Model 25 or Model 225 in it's later years. Well, it's back. The 25 was introduced by Daisy in 1914 and it remained a part of the company's airgun line through 1978. A special edition was produced in 1986 in celebration of the company's centennial anniversary. Of all of the old Daisy BB guns the company has had requests to bring back, the Model 25 would have to be at the top of that list.

Today's Daisy Model 25 carries on the tradition with features found on some of the earlier models: Stained solid wood pistol grip stock and forearm grip, steel construction, take-down screw and removable screw-in shot tube. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. Just like on some of the older models, the rear sight can be flipped from open/iron sights to peep sights. There's even decorative engraving on the receiver.

The Model 25 Pump Gun, is a pump action spring 50-shot capacity airgun that shoots BBs with a maximum velocity of 350 feet per second. It's appropriate for shooters age ten and older under adult supervision.

Getting a young person involved in the shooting sports all starts with a Daisy BB gun. If, for you, it all started with a Model 25, pick up a new one today and let the fun start all over again.

Daisy Outdoor Products is the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of air guns. Daisy's brands include Daisy, PowerLine, Winchester® Air Rifles and AVANTI training and match competitive airguns, Precision Max® ammunition and AirStrike brand soft air guns, ammo and accessories. The company's products may be reviewed at www.daisy.com