Custer State Park, South Dakota to Hold Annual Bison Auction

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The 2011 Custer State Park Fall Classic Bison Auction will be held on Saturday, Nov. 19, at the park corrals.

This year's offerings include 12 mature bred cows, 20 mature open cows, 10 two-year-old bred heifers, 10 yearling heifers, 55 heifer calves, 75 bull calves, 22 yearling bulls, 10 two-year-old breeding bulls, 11 two-year-old grade bulls and 10 burros.

The auction will begin Saturday morning at 10 a.m. MST at the Custer State Park Buffalo corrals, located 15 miles east of Custer on Highway 16A and then nine miles south on the Wildlife Loop Road. Signs will be posted to assist in locating the corrals. A buyers' reception will be held prior to the auction on Friday, Nov. 18, from 7-8 p.m. MST at the State Game Lodge in Custer State Park.

For the past 46 years, the park has made its surplus bison available for sale to the private sector. A significant amount of park revenue comes from the bison sale and goes toward continued operations of the state park system.

For additional information about the upcoming bison auction, contact Custer State Park at 605-255-4515 or e-mail questions to


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  This is a great opportunity


This is a great opportunity for the general public to observe this annual roundup and participate in the auction of these buffalo.  The buffalo herd is approximately 1,500 and this roundup plus auction allows for an additional revenue stream to assist in the park's management.

"To control the size of the park's bison population, a portion of the herd is sold at the annual Buffalo Auction, the third Saturday in November. Those animals chosen to be sold are retained in the corrals, while the remainder of the herd is turned back out into the park. The revenue received from this auction remains in the park and comprises a portion of the park's annual operating budget."

Overall a great program as well as a great means to generate funds for the park.



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I can see where this would

I can see where this would raise a lot of money for the park. That's an awful lot of surplus buffalo to be auctioned off. I wonder how large the regular herd size is to have that much surplus every year? I would love to go on a buffalo hunt of some sort someday but just not sure how to go about it. I have applied for the Utah Henry mountain hunt but the odds of getting that one are very slim for many years to come. I have looked at some of the ranches but I don't want a pen or I guess pasture hunt either. Oh well I guess It's just wait for Utah to finally draw my name and go from there.