Coyote Hunting News

Massachusetts Has New Regulations Regarding Coyotes
At the July 31 Board Meeting, the Fisheries and Wildlife Board voted to promulgate new regulations relating to coyotes.
Louisiana WFC Adopted Changes to Hunting Regulations
The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) received and adopted three changes to its notice of intent for 2007-2008 hunting regulations at its regular monthly meeting April 5.
Nebraska Considers Increasing Rates on Some Permits
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will consider increases in some hunting and fishing permit fees at a May 24 meeting in Brady. The permits under consideration have not been raised since 2002. If approved, the increases will become effective Jan.1, 2008.
North Dakota Residents Reminded to Keep Distance from Wildlife
Snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle riders are reminded to keep their distance from wildlife and wildlife habitat.
New Hampshire Sets Public Hearings for Wildlife Rule Changes
Proposed wildlife rule changes will be the topic of public hearings that will be held by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department . . .
Public Meeting on Coyotes
The Eastern coyote is larger than its western ancestor because it gained size by breeding with Eastern wolves (Canis lycaon) in southern Canada before it moved into our area. Our resulting Eastern coyote has evolved with the coyote's adaptability in being able to live close to people and eat a wide range of foods while its larger size enables it to survive in our deep snow winters.
Wildlife-Feeding Bill and Coyote Problems
The Arizona Senate is now considering a bill that would make it a petty offense to feed wildlife in a way that causes nuisance, aggressive animals to come into a neighborhood and pose a danger to people. The move comes in the wake of aggressive coyote reports in both Sun City West and Paradise Valley in the Phoenix area. The wildlife-feeding bill would only affect the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.
DNR to Host Free Coyote Hunting & Calling Seminars
The Division of Natural Resources will be hosting free coyote hunting and calling seminars in Mineral Wells in Wood County and Beckley in Raleigh County to educate hunters on the recreational opportunities that exist in West Virginia, according to Frank Jezioro, Director.
Coyote and Fox Permits
Permits are required to hunt coyote, red or gray fox from January 16 - February 20, 2006. Permits for individuals who mailed their applications by the deadline will be mailed out during the week of January 3, 2006. For those individuals who did not mail an application, permits will be made available for purchase over the counter at select division offices.
Online Volunteer Coyote Hunter Program
Coyote hunters and landowners are reminded about the volunteer coyote hunter program listed on the Game, Fish and Parks website. Hunters, who are looking for private land to hunt coyotes, should add their name and contact information to the list. That list can then be accessed by landowners who directly contact the hunters to come out and hunt on their lands.