Correct Dates for North Coast Black Brant, California Hunting Season

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The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) reminds hunters the north coast black brant hunting season is open from Nov. 7, 2011 through Dec. 6, 2011. An error in the California Waterfowl Association’s 2011-12 Waterfowl Hunter’s Pocket Guide shows the season beginning and ending a day earlier.

A brief list of season dates and bag limits are on the 2011-2012 Waterfowl Hunting Season Summary at The complete, detailed regulations are on the Fish and Game Commission website at

The 20 to 30-inch black brants appear similar to the Canada goose but are smaller and shorter-necked, lacking the white cheek patch of the latter. Black brants breed in coastal Alaska and the Canadian Arctic in summers, then spend winters along both coasts of the U.S., and as far south as Mexico. They feed primarily on eelgrass and

about 20 black brant standing on sand and grass shoreline

Black brant flock. Chris Nicolai/USFWS photo.

other marine plants, so seldom stray far from salt water. The greatest threat to the species is loss of winter habitat to development.

Again, the correct season dates for the Northern Brant Management Area are Nov. 7, 2011 through Dec. 6, 2011.


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  Ah hello!!!!  I think the


Ah hello!!!!  I think the regs need to have a better editing process before publication - especially with dates involved.  A lot of innocent hunters could have been out there a day too early and had issues with the local wildlife officials.  I think they better be doing more to communicate this correction out there to ensure hunters are updated correctly.  I guess posting a wildlife officer at the gate on the first published wrong date will assist but only after the hunter arrives.

Also interesting species of goose.


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Wow! That could have been a

Wow! That could have been a bad situation for some hunter if they were out hunting during the weong times. It's nice they found the mistake and sent out the corrections to the public. I have seen a few stories now of California printing the wrong information. It seems like they need to figure it out. Maybe hire an editor to make sure all the information is correct before it goes to print. Atleast they found this error before it became a problem . Good luck to all who will be out hunting these birds. They sure do look a bit like a Canadian goose. exept the complete black head and shorter neck.