Controlled Hunt of Roseburg Columbian White-tailed Deer

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is hosting a public meeting on Tuesday, May 18, to gather input on proposals for the 2004 and 2005 big game hunting seasons. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the ODFW office, 4192, N. Umpqua Hwy, Roseburg.

The meeting begins with a presentation on statewide controlled hunt proposals. Roseburg District Biologist Tod Lum will then discuss proposed changes for deer and elk controlled hunts in the Indigo, Dixon, Tioga and Melrose wildlife management units.

A proposed 2005 controlled hunt for buck deer in the Roseburg population of the recently de-listed Columbian White-tailed deer may be of interest to hunters and local landowners. The agency is proposing a controlled hunt of 10 buck deer, Columbian white-tailed or black-tailed deer.

“It’s a very conservative hunt,” says Lum. “It’s a 13-day hunt at the beginning of the Western Oregon buck season rather than at the end of the hunt which is closer to the rut. Extensive monitoring of the population and habitat will continue.”

Because of a steady decline in the cow elk population in the upper North Umpqua River drainage, Lum also is proposing a reduction in cow elk tags to 50 this year.

Eliminating the hunt in 2005. Lum also will discuss the interim strategies for Black-tailed deer management that were approved by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission earlier this year. ODFW biologists will complete a Black-tailed deer management plan in the summer of 2006.