Connecticut Takes Steps Towards Sunday Hunting

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DeerConnecticut proponents of Sunday hunting hope they can soon say, “And on the seventh day He hunted.”

Connecticut is one of six states that does not allow hunting on Sundays, but Dan Esty, commissioner of energy and environmental protection, hopes to coax lawmakers to finally lift the ban.

Etsy recently traveled to the state’s capitol to promote what he calls the “sportsman package.” He maintains that is important for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to “be responsive to the outdoorsmen of the state.”

Etsy’s proposal, which passed the legislature’s Environment Committee earlier in the year, would allow hunters in Connecticut to shoot deer on private land on Sundays with bow and arrow. The law also requires they obtain the property owner’s permission and stay 40 yards away from blazed hiking trails.

Commissioner Esty views hunting as a proven and effective tool to mange the state’s deer population, improve the health of forests and battle tick-borne Lyme disease. 

The bill is now waiting on a vote in the state’s Senate, should it be passed it would move on the House for approval.