Connecticut 2011 Hunting Guide Available Online

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The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection announced that the 2011 editions of the Connecticut Angler's Guide and the Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide will be available online on the agency's web site in early January. The guides can be found at and

These annual guides contain up-to-date details on fishing, hunting and trapping regulations plus other necessary and useful information for anglers and hunters. Print versions are distributed to more than 350 locations statewide, including town halls, bait and tackle shops, other purveyors of outdoor equipment, DEP facilities, and commercial marinas and campgrounds.

The print versions of the 2011 guides will be distributed in late March. This is a departure from the traditional late December distribution schedule and is intended to coordinate publication with the marine fisheries regulatory cycle. "Based on input from both the Fisheries Advisory Council and the Conservation Advisory Council, we made the decision to publish the print versions later in the new year," said Bill Hyatt, Chief of DEP’s Bureau of Natural Resources. "As many changes to marine fisheries regulations typically occur after December, a later publication date will result in a guide with up-to-date Marine regulations. Black sea bass is the only species for which we anticipated additional changes after April 1st".

DEP would also like to remind anglers and hunters who purchased CT hunting and fishing licenses, permits or tags during the time period from October 1st, 2009 to April 14th, 2010 that they may be among those eligible to receive a credit to be applied on the purchase of any 2011 license, permit or tag for the difference between the higher fee that was paid then and the current fee. For information about these credits, please visit the DEP website license fees and credits