Commission to Consider Changes for Big Game Regulations

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The Colorado Wildlife Commission will meet March 10-11 in Denver. The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, March 10, at the Division of Wildlife (DOW) Hunter Education Building, 6060 Broadway, in north Denver.

The Commission will discuss big game season structure with a focus on corrections and administrative changes to the 2005 big game seasons, including season dates, limited license areas and manner of take provisions for sheep, goats, deer, elk, pronghorn, moose and bear.

Additionally, the Commission will discuss regulations otherwise necessary for implementation of the five-year (2005-2009) season structure policy approved by the Wildlife Commission, including, but not limited to; new statewide restrictions on the hunting of bull elk during the 4th rifle season; annual changes to limited license application and drawing process for any big game licenses distributed as part of a limited license draw; a regulation authorizing the director of the DOW to establish – and Area Wildlife Managers to issue – licenses for bear and mountain lion in addition to the otherwise applicable limited license numbers or quota where necessary to address specific game damage situations.

The Commission will consider modifications to Chapter 6 – Falconry regulations, including, but not limited to; provisions of take, authorization of an annual draw for peregrine; authorization of the take of peregrine falcon eyas (nestlings) or recently fledged birds from the wild; restricting and otherwise establishing procedures for the issuance of licenses and the take of peregrine falcon eyas or recently fledged birds from the wild; extending the time available to take jackrabbits with raptors through March of each year, and; authorizing resident falconers to temporarily leave the state and return with licensed birds after an out-of-state trip without having to formally apply for and secure an importation license prior to return to Colorado.