Commission Adopts Whitetail Plan

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At the quarterly meeting in Boise, The Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved a new plan for managing white tailed deer in Idaho. The new plan eliminates the Clearwater tag for white-tailed deer. Hunters wishing to take part in late hunts for whitetails must now purchase a "white-tailed deer tag".

Hunters purchasing a general deer tag (any-weapon) will be able to hunt white-tailed deer and mule deer, but will be limited to earlier hunts, primarily in October. Hunters opting for the white-tailed deer tag (any weapon) will be limited to taking white-tailed deer only, however they will be able to hunt open seasons statewide and will be given the latitude to continue hunting in November where late hunts are available. The Department of Fish and Game will work to standardize the seasons as much as possible.

Biologists will work to improve white-tailed deer habitat statewide, and will work with private and public landowners to improve habitat and increase access. The plan also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a good percentage of mature white-tailed bucks in Idaho. The goal will be to maintain the harvest of bucks with five points or more on the right antler at a minimum of 15 percent.