Comments Sought on Fort Benton, Montana Deer Plan

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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking comment on Fort Benton’s proposed deer management plan developed in response to a growing urban deer population. The plan was tentatively approved Oct. 13 by the FWP Commission.

To address deer numbers within Fort Benton city limits that present an increased risk to human safety and property damage, the city and FWP have developed a plan modeled after current efforts in use in Glendive, Colstrip and Ekalaka.

The plan has a process that allows a resident to report a deer-human conflict so that a city police officer can dispatch the deer. Due to lack of open space within the city limits, public hunting is not a viable option.

Also the plan calls for involving the public to identify resident deer that have become a problem so removal is specific to problem deer.

Copies of the plan are available for review on the Region 4 link of the FWP web site:, or at the FWP office in Great Falls, (406) 454-5840.

Send comments to: Gary Bertellotti, FWP R4 Supervisor, 4600 Giant Springs Road, Great Falls, MT 59406; or  Comments will be accepted Oct. 17 to Oct. 31.


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It's great when wildlife

It's great when wildlife commisions allow the public to give their input into the management of the game. Urban deer population are growing accross the counrty and plans need to be put in place to deal with this issue. In my area hunting is not allowed within city limits but the deer population is getting bigger and bigger every year. I have seen more road kill deer every year. That is costing everyone a lot of money to deal with. It's costing the motorist money to fix their cars or trucks. More than likely using an insurance claim to do it in turn is costing all motorist with increased premiums. It's also costing the city or state money to remove the carcasses from he road. I would be in favor for an urban deer hunt around here that would allow for archery hunts. Some of the biggest deer I have ever seen have been less than a mile from my house. The deer here have very little fear of people and will almost walk right up to you. That could be a bad situation when the rut comes around. A buck could get a little agressive with a person and gore them.

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  Another great example of


Another great example of open communications between the general public and the state.  Excellent that the local people have a say in the situation that affects their well being.  It is too bad that a regular hunting season is not a viable solution to assist in controlling the situation.