Colorado Hunting News

Free Deer Hunting Seminar Offered July 23rd
The Hunter Outreach Program begins the 2004 Seminar series on July 23rd with a three hour seminar on deer hunting in Colorado. The guest speakers include Division biologists and Chris Roe of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. The seminar will cover changes in laws and regulations, hunting techniques and alot more.
Hunting Skills Seminars Offered
As the fall hunting seasons draw near, the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) with Partners in the Field is offering the Hunter Skills Seminar Series. The classes, on deer, elk, waterfowl and grouse, offer tips and techniques to help hunters improve their success in the upcoming seasons.
Information Sought on Deer Poaching
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is asking for help solving a poaching crime. On May 30, Wildlife officials found two deer killed near Wellsville.
Four More Lynx Kittens Located
Four more lynx kittens have been found with their mother by a Colorado Division of Wildlife tracking crew at a remote, high-elevation den in southwestern Colorado, bringing the total number of lynx kittens to eight this spring.
Mountain Lion Encounters Possible
Mountain lions are elusive animals, possessing unparalleled patience as they wait and watch for prey. And – when a lion sees something dart past – it can spring into action at an amazing 40-45 miles per hour. Cougars are known to travel 18 to 20 miles a day and can have a home range of 40 to more than 400 square miles. The home ranges of males sometimes overlap the home ranges of females.
Two More Lynx Kittens Found
A Division of Wildlife (DOW) research crew found a second set of healthy lynx kittens snuggled with their mother high in the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado Sunday, bringing the known number of lynx kittens born in the state to four this spring.
Baby Lynx Found in Southwest
Colorado Division of Wildlife researchers found two baby lynx huddled with their mother at a remote site in southwestern Colorado Wednesday, the first documented reproduction since the agency’s lynx reintroduction began in 1999 under direction from Governor Bill Owens.
Wildlife Commission to Set Limited Big Game License Totals
With elk populations being above long-term objectives in some areas, the DOW is recommending issuing more than 146,000 antlerless and either-sex licenses, an increase compared with last year. However, the situation with deer is not the same, with fewer numbers of herds being at or above the long-term objective. As a result, managers are recommending that just over 31,000 antlerless and either-sex deer licenses be made available for 2003.
Public Meeting Regarding Fort Carson Hunting
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is considering changes to the hunting season structure on Fort Carson. Members of the public interested discussing hunting on Fort Carson are invited to attend a public meeting April 16 at the new DOW office, 4255 Sinton Road in Colorado Springs, at 6 p.m.
2003 Big Game App Deadline Approaching
Hunters planning to hunt big game in Colorado this fall need to be aware of the application deadline of April 1 for limited deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, bear and moose licenses. This deadline applies to any hunter wanting to apply for a specific limited big game license or preference point. As usual, there will be over the counter elk and bear licenses available for many areas.