Colorado Hunting News

Elk Set up Permanent Residence in Loveland
Elk were seen occasionally in the Loveland area for the past ten years, but seemingly overnight the population increased by several hundred - and they are apparently staying.
Primitive Big Game Seasons have Average to High Harvest
With big-game muzzleloading and archery seasons finished for the year and the four rifle seasons beginning this weekend, Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) officials are optimistic that the 2003-harvest objective of 65,000 elk remains obtainable.
Information Sought on Moose Poaching Near Vail
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is seeking information from the public about a bull moose poached within the past two weeks along a U.S. Forest Service Road north of Vail.
Poacher Pleads Guilty
Authorities said today’s guilty plea by an Iowa man settles one of the largest big-game poaching cases in Colorado and Iowa history. State and federal law-enforcement agents went undercover to solve this interstate wildlife crime. The defendant faces fines totaling $750,000 and up to 15 years in prison. Colorado wildlife officials believe the arrest and prosecution of the man will deter illegal hunting activity in the state.
Elk Hunting Clinic Offered
The Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) is sponsoring an elk-hunting clinic September 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the DOW Office, 4255 Sinton Road in Colorado Springs. The clinic is designed to help hunters improve their chances during the upcoming seasons. The clinic will teach hunters how and where to find elk, how to prepare for the hunt and what techniques to use in the field. Elk biology will be discussed along with safety and ethics.
New Electronic System for CWD Tests
Continuing their search for better information on distribution and occurrence of chronic wasting disease(CWD) in Colorado’s deer and elk herds, state wildlife officials are implementing a new electronic network of handheld computers to streamline surveillance of the fatal neurological disorder.
Buckskin Network Enters 46th Year
Colorado’s Buckskin Network, now in its 46th year, is a unique program involving law enforcement and media in a cooperative effort to assist the public in getting emergency messages to hunters in the field during big-game rifle seasons. The goal is to provide a reliable public service that connects hunters to their families in times of unexpected crises, such as emergency childbirth, serious accidents, or death.
Archery Season Offers Unbeatable Hunting
With Colorado elk populations at near record numbers and deer herds stable or rebounding in most areas, the 2003 Colorado archery hunt promises to be as good as it gets.
DOW Meetings Set to Discuss Western Slope Poaching
Western Colorado is home to the nation’s premiere deer, elk and antelope herds, yet the quality of these herds is in jeopardy due to increased pressure from flagrant poaching. In the last year, more than 62 illegally-killed animals were documented between San Miguel and Moffat counties, mostly taken after all legal hunting seasons had ended.
Leftover Licenses
Leftover licenses are limited licenses which are leftover after the primary application and drawing process. Licenses will open for sale for all hunters on August 12 at 8 am.