Colorado Hunting News

Colorado Roadless Plan Needs to Slow Down
Hunters and anglers in Colorado are asking the Colorado congressional delegation to slow the Colorado roadless rule-making process until a number of serious issues with the proposed rule can be addressed, according to a letter from Trout Unlimited, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, Colorado Trout Unlimited and the Colorado chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.
Colorado DOW Habitat Program
The Colorado Division of Wildlife is now accepting proposals from landowners interested in wildlife habitat conservation and in providing wildlife-related recreational access to their properties.
Colorado DOW Discusses Prairie Dog Conservation
Conservation of prairie dogs in northwest Colorado will be the subject of a one-day workshop in Craig on Wednesday, June 10.
Colorado DOW to Finalize 2009 Limited Licenses
The Colorado Wildlife Commission will finalize limited license availability for the 2009 black bear, deer, elk, pronghorn and moose seasons at its regular meeting on Thursday, May 7.
Opposition to Colorado's Roadless Plan
An assemblage of prominent sportsmen-conservationist groups pointedly criticized a proposed plan for management of Colorado's national forest roadless areas and asked U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to intervene in the rule-making process until fundamental problems with the draft plan can be resolved.
Colorado Turkey Season Begins April 11
Colorado's spring turkey season offers hunters one of the most unique experiences in the field.
Omnibus Public Land Management Act Sent to President
The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, sending the most significant collection of conservation measures to come before Congress in a quarter of a century to President Obama for his signature.
Yellowstone Wolf Roaming Colorado
A Yellowstone wolf dispersing from her pack in southwestern Montana is now wandering the Colorado high country after a journey of perhaps 1,000 miles, Colorado Division of Wildlife officials announced.
US Forest Service Pulls Out of Energy Land Lease in Colorado
Hunters and anglers in Colorado are applauding the U.S. Forest Service for its decision to withdraw from a proposed energy lease sale involving nearly 100,000 acres of public land in the state.
RMEF Sends Letter to Pres. Obama Regarding Gray Wolves
President Obama this week will receive a letter initiated by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and 32 partner conservation organizations urging removal of federal protections for specific populations of gray wolves.