Colorado Hunting News

Warm Weather Wakes Colorado Bears

Warm weather is bringing some of Colorado's black bears out of hibernation early and Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding residents to be "bear aware" to protect bears and people. With temperatures rising into the 70s already across much of Colorado, bears are beginning to emerge from dens and sightings have already been reported in Colorado Springs, Aspen, Durango and Summit County.

Moffat County, Colorado Students Help Study Mule Deer

A group of six Moffat County High School juniors and seniors enjoyed a unique learning opportunity as they helped Colorado Parks and Wildlife researchers and managers study mule deer as part of an ongoing research project in the Piceance Basin.

Colorado Still a Big Game Hunter's Paradise

Colorado Parks and Wildlife's recently released 2011 big game harvest statistics show that the Centennial State continues to offer some of the best and most diverse big game hunting in the country.

New Turkey Hunt at Air Force Academy, Colorado for New Hunters

A small number of new turkey hunting permits on the Air Force Academy property in Colorado Springs are being made available to women and youth first-time hunters. The 10 new tags will be evenly divided between the spring and fall seasons. Interested individuals must have already completed hunter education and must attend a turkey hunting class in Colorado Springs on Saturday, March 24.

Craig, Colorado Greater Sage Grouse Viewing Tours

For thousands of years, greater sage-grouse have annually returned to their historic breeding grounds, called leks, and stage one of wildlife's most magnificent and unique mating displays. Anyone who is interested in watching male grouse display their tail feathers and pop their air sacs are encouraged to sign up for a front row seat to see these iconic birds strut their stuff in hopes of attracting a mate.

Pronghorn to Be Studied in Western Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists and managers have started a study in western Colorado to try to determine why the population of a small herd of pronghorns is not growing.
In an area of Delta and Mesa counties, just southwest of the Grand Mesa, is a herd of about 100 pronghorns descended from animals transplanted to the area in the 1970s. During the last 10 years, agency biologists and managers have noticed that groups of the animals are getting smaller and the overall size of the herd is declining.

Colorado PWC Extends OHV Enforcement Pilot Program

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission approved $300,000 in funding to extend a pilot program designed to monitor compliance with off-highway vehicle regulations and rejected a citizen petition to allow air rifles as a legal means of hunting furbearers during its monthly meeting on Thursday.

Get Ready to Hunt Colorado

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2012 Big Game Hunting brochure is now available and limited license applications are being accepted for this fall's big-game hunts. License applications for deer, elk, pronghorn, moose, sheep, goat and bear are due Tuesday, April 3.

Prairie Chicken Tours Offer Colorado Wonder

Birders, families, and wildlife fans alike will delight in this opportunity to watch the annual courtship dance of the greater prairie chicken, one of Colorado’s amazing avian inhabitants.  On weekends throughout March and April, the town of Wray, Colorado in partnership with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, will offer guided tours to view the birds - locally called the "sandhill dancers" - in their natural habitat.

Bear Hunting Workshop Planned in Montrose, Colorado

If you've ever wanted to hunt bears or if you want to improve your chances of harvesting one, plan to attend a workshop sponsored by Colorado Parks and Wildlife on March 10 in Montrose.      
Tony Bonacquista, a district wildlife manager and experienced bear hunter, will lead the presentation on hunting Colorado's black bears. He'll discuss bear biology, hunting tactics, field dressing, rules and regulations, and human-bear conflict issues.