Colorado Man Wins Fish and Game First Ever Superslam

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Burt Dole of Mesa, Colorado will spend a lot of time in Idaho later this year and contribute greatly to the state's economy. As the winner of Idaho Fish and Game's first Superslam Pak, he now holds tags for deer, elk, antelope and moose which are valid for any open hunt for each species in the 2004 hunting season.

Participation by people like Burt and other sportsmen, both resident and non-resident will help open up nearly a half million acres of land for hunters and anglers to enjoy.

"If I were him I would be absolutely ecstatic," Special Assistant to the Director Steve Barton said. "To have his name drawn out of 13 pounds of applicants, (lottery tickets) what a deal!"

Fish and Game sold more than 1,800 chances for the Superslam draw. Nearly 25,000 hunters also bought Supertag chances - those winners names were also announced.

Altogether, the year's first drawing raised more than $108,000 for Fish and Game's Access Yes! program which compensates willing landowners who provide access to private land or allow hunters and anglers to cross their land to get to public property. "I think it was fantastic to have the number of people involved," Barton said. "I think it is going to be something great for sportsmen and there are more landowners coming forward as we speak so as hunting season opens up, there will be even more lands opened up."

Fish and Game will hold another Supertag and Superslam lottery drawing on August 15. Hunters can apply at any license vendor, by phone, mail or online through July 30,2004.


Mark Drake - Mona, Utah
Bill Thomas - Bakersfield, California
Ron Palmer - Ashton, Idaho
Tera Cooper - Prairie, Idaho
Mike Reed - Boise, Idaho

Leonard Moffo - Big Pine Key, Florida
Lynn Siebold - Meridian, Idaho
Greg Puffe - Nampa, Idaho
William Mooney - Boise, Idaho
Dusty Parew - Challis, Idaho

Robert Garcia - Nampa, Idaho
Mike Beck - Hailey, Idaho
Travis Mitchell - Shelley, Idaho
Robert Treanor - Boise, Idaho
Brian Farley - Hayden, Idaho

Rod Perkins - St. Anthony