Colorado DOW Seeks Input on Boulder Area Deer Herd

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The Colorado Division of Wildlife is seeking input on the Boulder area deer herd which inhabits Game Management Units 29 and 38 in parts of Clear Creek, Gilpin, Jefferson and Boulder counties.  This herd lives in an area where outdoor recreation on public lands is quite substantial and hunting is limited to certain open space areas by permit.

"The Boulder deer herd is highly visible and many people are interested in its management," said Sherri Huwer, northeast region terrestrial biologist. "We would like the public's input to help us establish herd size and male-to-female ratio objectives for a 10-year management plan."

Citizens interested in providing input on the future management of the herd can find background information and a link to a survey on this DAU at:

The deadline for submitting input is May 23, 2011.

For more information on big game management in Colorado, go to:


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I applaud Colorado on this

Thanks for the information.  It is always a delicate balance between the public public – ie soccer moms and watching Bambi in the roadside meadow and the hunting public.  I applaud Colorado for asking for input even if the comment period is short (only a few weeks).  This leads me to believe that they may already have a plan for future action in mind and are just doing this as a token gesture to let people feel like they have some input.  I could be totally off base on this, its just an off the cuff observation – but it seems like if they wanted meaningful input they would have been asking for it with at least a six month window.  Just my two cent opinion…and you know what they say about those….