Colorado DOW Offers Women Only On-Line Education Course

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Women and girls in the Pikes Peak Region who want to complete a Colorado Division of Wildlife "on-line" hunter education course can do so in May.

The course will consist of a combination of classroom sessions, on-line sessions and outdoor activities. Seating is limited and pre-registration is required.

"Some women have told us they are interested in becoming sanctioned to hunt in Colorado but are worried about feeling uncomfortable in a hunter safety class with mostly men and boys," said Tonya Sharp, DOW District Wildlife Manager from Woodland Park.

Colorado's hunter education courses cover firearms handling and safety, hunter ethics, wildlife conservation and management, outdoor survival, and an overview of what Colorado has to offer hunters.

Upon successful completion, participants will be issued a Colorado hunter safety card and be certified to hunt in Colorado. Colorado hunter safety cards are accepted everywhere in the United States as proof of education for the purchase of a hunting license.

The first classroom session is on Tuesday, May 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 the DOW office at 4255 Sinton Road in Colorado Springs

Students will then complete the 'on-line' portion of the class at their own pace before reconvening again on Sunday, June 5 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Mueller State Park and Dome Rock State Wildlife Area in Divide.

The course is free, but there is a $7 per car charge to enter Mueller State Park. The class is open to all women and girls over the age of 10.

Students must turn in all printed quizzes and score sheets; and pass the written exam. In addition, each student must complete the live firearms exercises required of traditional hunter education students.

Interested individuals should contact Tonya Sharp at (719) 227-5281 to pre-register.

Anyone born after 1948 must complete a hunter education course to be eligible to purchase a hunting license in Colorado.

The Internet Home-Study Hunter Ed course is an alternative designed to meet unusual schedules and different learning styles. The program covers the same information students would receive in a classroom setting. However, it does not eliminate the need to attend the "in-person" portion of Hunter Ed.

For more information about on-line hunter education courses go to:


groovy mike's picture

Shame on Colorado!

Iā€™m all for getting more people involved in our sport and for making it easier.  If this was an equal opportunity class for all participants who wanted to complete the class room portion of the licensing requirement I would support it even though I think it would be a disservice and result in poorly educated pupils.  An online class has very limited interaction between the students and instructor, let alone between the students in question and answer sessions.  Even if a student can ask questions ā€“ the online format rarely allows another student to listen in and add to the discussion. 


Beyond that this is an absolutely terrible idea if it is limited to ONLY female participants.  How can Colorado possibly justify sex discrimination by only allowing this class for women and girls.  This is completely unfair to boys and men who might want to avoid the inconvenience of going to class.  How can the state of Colorado say that it is ok for my daughter to take this class from home but my son needs to be driven across town and sit in class for the same certification.  Shame on Colorado!  If they are going to offer this class ā€“ it should be open to EVERYONE who is over age ten.


hunter25's picture

I think it's great that they

I think it's great that they are always thinking of new ways to get more people involved in our sport and if this helps Im all for it. That said I have never seen a class where a woman should feel uncomfortable or not welcome. Quite the opposite in fact. I know my daughter loved it and was actually very proud that she was the only girl in her class and passed with perfect marks on everything.

I have sat through many classes because of my kids an ex-wife and girlfriends and all of them thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If anyone had made them feel incomfortable I'm sure it would have been dealt with quickly.