Clarifying the Unit 32 Deer Hunt

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Deer hunters pursuing their quarry in Unit 32 should be aware that doe hunting is allowed in only a small portion of the unit. A footnote in this year's rule book has been overlooked by some hunters, leaving them with the impression that the entire unit is open to antlerless deer hunting.

The footnote appears on page 21, alerting hunters that only a fraction of unit 32 is open to antlerless deer hunting and that method of take is restricted to short-range weapons only. It then refers to another note (page 22) for a description of the hunt area. "That's the portion some hunters are failing to notice," Fish and Game wildlife manager Jon Rachael said.

The short-range weapons only hunt has been in place for years to reduce deer numbers - and subsequent depredation complaints - in the area. Bounded by the Payette River on the south and the North Side Canal to the north, the hunt area encompasses roughly 100 square miles. A map of the area is available at Fish and Game's Nampa office (465-8465).

The unit 32 antlerless hunt continues through November 24, again in an effort to reduce depredation complaints in the affected area. "Hunters simply need to remember that only a portion of unit 32 is open for doe hunting," Rachael said.