CITES Seals Needed for Bobcat and River Otter in West Virginia

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The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) advises trappers and hunters to obtain a CITES seal for each bobcat and river otter pelt from animals harvested in West Virginia.  The plastic seal is necessary only if the pelts will be shipped out of the state.  Federal law requires the seal on all bobcat and river otter pelts if they will eventually be shipped to international markets such as those in Canada.  The seals must be obtained from the state in which the animals were harvested.

CITES stands for the Convention on International Trade for Endangered Species.  Bobcats and river otters are not endangered species; however, they may be confused with similar looking species that can be found on the international market. 

CITES seals may be obtained from the DNR’s Elkins Operations Center and any DNR district office.  It is recommended that hunters and trappers call ahead to ensure that personnel authorized to seal pelts will be available. DNR district offices are located at 1110 Railroad Street, Farmington; 1 Depot Street, Romney; West Virginia Wildlife Center, French Creek; 2006 Robert C. Byrd Drive, Beckley; 1163 Wildlife Road (McClintic Wildlife Management Area), Point Pleasant; and 2311 Ohio Avenue, Parkersburg.


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  I would have to agree -


I would have to agree - more government hoops for WVA trappers to jump through.  However the season limit for bobcat is 3 and 1 for the otter so this cannot be a money making issue but just rather stopping the poachers.  Too bad the legal trappers have to do extra work due to the poachers.


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Sounds like just another loop

Sounds like just another loop hole trapper must just through to make a living. I guess it's a good reminder for trappers in the region to make sure they cross their t's and dot their i's so you don't get in trouble. One of these days I will look into getting a fur bearers permit in my state so I can shoot a bobcat or two. They a beautiful animals and I would love to have a pelt hanging on my wall. I have gotten a lot of trail camera pictures this year of bobcats in my hunting area. I have also seen their tracks in my area too. I have not seen a river otter here in years beside at the zoo but we are suppossed to have a few around. Good luck to all you trappers out there and make sure you get your seals for those pelts.