Chicago-area Residents Pack First Shots® Seminars to Exercise Their Firearm Freedoms

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With their individual right to keep and bear arms reaffirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court's McDonald ruling, Chicagoland residents are displaying their keen interest in owning firearms by filling First Shots® seminars at area shooting ranges.

Making the leap from freedom-to-own to actual ownership can be challenging, however. To provide helpful answers to the many questions residents may have about the process of handgun ownership, five shooting ranges have scheduled free First Shots seminars to provide a safe and supervised introduction to ownership.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, is co-sponsoring the seminars with the Chicago-area ranges.

First Shots seminars are scheduled for Saturday, November 5, at the following shooting facilities:

  • Midwest Sporting Goods at 8565 Plainfield Road, Lyons, Ill.
  • G.A.T. Guns at 14N915 State Route 25, Dundee, Ill.
  • Bass Pro Shops, 6112 Grand Avenue, Gurnee, Ill.
  • Maxon Shooters Supplies, Inc., 1226 Rand Road, Des Plaines, Ill.
  • H.P. Shooting Center, Inc., 2908 West Route 120, McHenry, Ill.

Demonstrating the public's high level of interest in firearms instruction and ownership, all five ranges have reported that their classes--up to three a day at each range--are completely filled. Each of the ranges, however, has agreed to host more First Shots events in the future. Visit the First Shots website often for updated class schedules.

"First Shots seminars provide an introduction to safe and responsible handgun shooting and firearms storage," said program manager Tisma Juett. "Each seminar covers laws and regulations, emphasizes the value of proper training and puts participants on the firing line with certified instructors so they can experience the fun of target shooting."

The seminars are open to men and women 21 years of age and older. A parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under age 21.

The First Shots program has provided an introduction to firearms ownership to thousands of people nationwide. According to program research, half the individuals who attend the seminars have met their local requirements for handgun ownership and have introduced another person to their new-found sport of target shooting. "The excitement of target shooting with firearms is something people want to share with their friends and family members," said Juett.

Those attending the First Shots seminars will learn about revolvers and pistols and will fire .22-caliber ammunition.

Thanks to the McDonald ruling, Chicago-area residents can join the millions of Americans who own handguns for target shooting, hunting and personal and home defense. The Chicago seminars and those in Madison, Wisc., on the same day mark the kickoff of nationwide Big City Tour for First Shots.

For more information about First Shots, contact Tisma Juett at or go to


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  This is a great step for


This is a great step for Chicago area residents.  The program not only provides a great focus on handgun usage safely and surely but also provides insight as to the best fit of a handgun to the person.  Very nice to see this in place as those involved with definitely be able to best secure their safety while also being responsible handgun owners.  Kudos to the Chicago area for their efforts to allow firearn rights and the training behind it.