Cheyenne Field Archers Support AccessYes Program in Wyoming

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Spotting a walk-in or hunter management area sign this fall is a reminder of the generosity of the Cheyenne Field Archers.

For the sixth consecutive year, the archery organization made a generous donation to the AccessYes program to fund hunting access.

As they have since 2006, this year the field archers again sponsored a competitive 3-D shoot April 19 and 21 with all proceeds benefiting the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's hunting access programs. This latest shoot raised $815, raising the six-year total to $7,101.

The Cheyenne Field Archers are proud of the fact that they can help be a part of a program that has such a positive effect on so many people," said Bob Day, president of the 250-member organization. "All this would not happen without the dedication and generosity of the Cheyenne Field Archer's members."

Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott, who accepted the check May 4, says the AccessYes program is dependent upon the grassroots support of organizations like the field archers and individual hunters and anglers. "The Game and Fish wholeheartedly thanks the field archers and really appreciates their support because donations are the lifeline of the access program," Talbott said. "I hope this can be an inspiration to other hunting and outdoor organizations across the state to step up as the field archers have to fuel this program."

He adds there are many Wyoming landowners waiting for the program to get more funding so their land can be enrolled.

"Public access is one of the keys to increasing participation in hunting and fishing," Talbott said. "And because hunters and anglers are so important to wildlife and wildlife management in our state, getting more people out in the field is a top priority of the Game and Fish Department."

For 2010 - the 13th year of the program - the Game and Fish enrolled 681,683 walk-in hunting acres, 4,944 walk-in fishing acres, and 1,099,125 hunter management areas acres. Combined with an estimated 1.69 million public acres also accessible through the programs meant that hunters had access to nearly 3.5 million acres in 2010. Hunting walk-in area atlases should be available mid-July at Game and Fish offices and license agents, and 2011 hunter management area information will be on the Game and Fish website in early July.


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Although I was not aware of

Although I was not aware of the groups that might be adding money to this program I know that I always throw a few extra dollars onto my application for this when asked to do so. I have used hunter management areas nearly every year when hunting in Wyoming and they have made a big difference in the ability to hunt some areas with very little public land. I hope this program continues to grow as it is one of the best in the many different states I have hunted.

A big thank you to groups like the one in the article that continue to support the program and build it even bigger.