Check Out the Tightspot Quiver

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Move your quiver to the right spot with the new TightSpot Quiver, the quiver that allows you to balance your bow, thereby reducing torque that affects shooting accuracy.

"This is a huge leap in quiver technology," says Joe Jacks, President of TightSpot Quivers, "Before TightSpot, hunters had to choose between accepting torque and noise, or removing their quivers in the stand, which takes arrows out of close reach."

The breakthrough behind TightSpot is the RightSpot adjustability system. It's a radical new concept that will change the way shooters look at quivers. TightSpot allows hunters to perfectly fine tune the balance of a bow, by moving the quiver in and out, up or down, back or forward, to the point where it exerts virtually zero accuracy-affecting torque. Thanks to its' pure carbon rod construction and unique design, TightSpot also acts as a stabilizer, reducing overall bow vibration, allowing archers to reduce the size and weight of their stabilizer or remove it altogether.

The TightSpot quiver is loaded with additional features including the exclusive ArrowWedge gripper system, which allows arrows to be individually tightened. It gives you up to 20 times the arrow-holding power of other quivers!

TightSpot is constructed of lightweight, super-premium, wrapped carbon rods. They exhibit an unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, absorb unwanted vibration and are key to TightSpot's lightweight design.

Additionally, TightSpot features more distance between its hood and grippers than any single-piece quiver- a full 18"- for minimized arrow vibration and noise. A bumper strip on TightSpot's crossbar further lessens arrow vibration. And a silicone sleeve allows archers to slide TightSpot directly against the cable guard, mounting the quiver as tightly to the bow as possible, while providing another point of contact for even more vibration damping capability.

TightSpots' clever TailFan design "fans-out" the fletchings to keep them from vibrating together and making noise. Its dense Phantom foam lets hunters bury their broadhead tips securely and even keeps expandables from opening in the quiver. A newly-designed arrow deployment system keeps your #1 arrow closer at hand, by facing it toward you, requiring less movement to retrieve it with game close by.

The TightSpot quiver is available from selected dealers nationwide, in left- or right-hand models, with Realtree® APG or Mathews® Lost Camouflage. For additional information on the TightSpot Quiver, go to