Check Harvested Deer Electronically in Nebraska

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Many Nebraska hunters will have the option of checking their harvested deer electronically this fall, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

A new, free service will allow hunters to check their deer from the field or at home, by telephone or Internet beginning Sept. 15. Electronic checking will be available during all deer seasons except the November firearm season. Check stations remain available for all deer seasons, as in the past.

Kit Hams, big game program manager for the Commission, says electronic checking makes sense financially.

"This is good for hunters because it will save time and fuel costs,"” he said. "It is good for the Commission because we will get our data sooner and cheaper."

Hams estimated participating hunters collectively would save $150,000 in fuel costs this year and $450,000 next year. He said the Commission, which pays check stations for deer checked, could save $10,000 this year and $30,000 next year.

To check deer electronically, hunters may either go to or call toll-free (800) 405-7700 at any time. Hunters will provide the species, sex and age of deer, as well as hunting unit and permit numbers and time and county of kill. They then will receive a seal number and security code, both of which must be written on the permit. The permit acts as the seal and must be attached to the deer if the hunter is not with the deer. The code is used to ensure the hunter has completed the checking process.

Check stations will be available only for the November firearm season in 2010. All other deer must be checked electronically.