Changes This Year for Utah's Archery Hunters

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If you're one of the lucky hunters who obtained a permit to hunt during Utah's general archery buck deer hunt, please keep this in mind—you must hunt in the region you obtained a permit for until Sept. 1.

Starting Sept. 2, you can hunt in any area in the state that's still open to general season archery buck deer hunting.

Utah's general archery buck deer hunt begins Aug. 15.

Reason for the change

"People who live in southern Utah are concerned about the pressure they feel the statewide archery hunt puts on the region's deer herds," says Judi Tutorow, wildlife licensing coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

"Even though general season archers have been able to hunt anywhere in Utah, many people in the Southern Region believe many of those archers—if not most of them—come to southern Utah to hunt," she says.

Tutorow says requiring archers to hunt in one region during the first two weeks of the season should do two things. First, looking at the number of permits sold for each region will help the DWR know which region most archers want to hunt in. Second, it should reduce the overall number of hunters who hunt in the Southern Region.

"After the first two weeks of the season, archers can hunt on any general season area that's still open to hunting," Tutorow says. "Because some of the hunters will have already taken their deer, fewer archers should be heading to the Southern Region to hunt."

Five units closed starting Sept. 2

When the chance to hunt statewide happens on Sept. 2, five units will already be closed to general archery buck deer hunting. The following units will be closed starting Sept. 2. The units will close because of the low number of bucks on the units:

  • * Central Mountains (Nebo)
  • * Oquirrh-Stansbury
  • * South Slope (Vernal)
  • * La Sal (La Sal Mountains)
  • * Monroe

Boundary descriptions for the five units are available at Once you reach that part of the site, click on the "General season buck deer units with shorter season dates" selection.