Caribou Hunting News

George River Caribou Hunting Season Draws to a Close in Labrador

The George River caribou hunting season in Labrador is scheduled to close half an hour following sunset today (Tuesday, March 20). The closure applies to all areas for which an open season was declared during the 2011-12 big game hunting season.

Transfer to Save British Columbia Mountain Caribou

Help is on the way for the mountain caribou, as 19 animals from northern B.C. have been transferred to join a threatened herd in the East Kootenays.

The transfer was handled by biologists from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, working alongside local First Nations and volunteers, to bolster the fragile population.

The Purcells-South herd, in the East Kootenay region, is estimated to have fewer than 15 individual animals remaining. The additional caribou are expected to increase genetic diversity and overall herd strength.

Caribou Survey Taking Place on Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador

A population survey will be carried out over the next several weeks on Northern Peninsula caribou herds, as part of the Provincial Government’s ongoing research and management efforts for woodland caribou on the island portion of the province. The survey is taking place in the vicinities of Deer Lake, Baie Verte, north along the Northern Peninsula to St. Anthony, and will include the Gregory Plateau, Aides Lake, Hampton Downs, Northern Peninsula, Gros Morne and St. Anthony caribou herds.

Yukon's Regulation Changes Will Help Protect Sheep and Caribou Populations

The Government of Yukon has amended hunting rules under the Wildlife Regulations to better protect Dall sheep in the Kusawa area and several caribou herds, Environment Minister Currie Dixon announced today.

“These four amendments to hunting rules reflect not only the views of the public, hunters and Renewable Resources Councils but also the best available scientific and local knowledge,” Dixon said. “The government is committed to the sustainable harvest of Yukon wildlife.”

Manitoba Invites Public to Provide Comments on Caribou Action Plans

Manitobans are invited to provide feedback and input on draft action plans to protect boreal woodland caribou populations in the eastern parts of the province, Conservation Minister Dave Chomiak announced today.

Maine DIFW Reminds Hunters Of Transport Law

Are you hunting out of state? Maine hunters should know the regulations surrounding bringing harvested deer, elk, moose or caribou back into the state of Maine.

Currently it is illegal to bring the whole carcass of a deer, moose, elk or caribou into Maine (except if it comes from New Hampshire, Quebec, Newfoundland, Labrador or New Brunswick).

Already this fall Maine has had hunters bring in whole carcasses from Virginia and New York, both states that have identified Chronic Wasting Disease in their borders. These deer were confiscated and destroyed.

Results of the Leaf River Caribou Herd Survey, Quebec

Minister Simard is closely monitoring the decrease in caribou herd size.

As he had promised, the Minister for Natural Resources and Wildlife, Mr. Serge Simard, released the results of the Leaf River caribou herd (LRH) survey that was conducted in 2011.

Yukon Porcupine Caribou Harvest Rules Updated

The Government of Yukon has updated its rules for harvesting Porcupine caribou for both subsistence and licenced hunters, acting Environment Minister Elaine Taylor announced.

Yukon Permit Hunt Drawings Complete - Results Available

Permit hunts are used to limit hunting for areas and/or species in order to manage overall population numbers and improve hunt quality.

Porcupine Caribou Herd Shows Growth

Further analysis of aerial photos from the July 2009 Western Arctic Caribou Herd census has resulted in a reduced population estimate. The previous estimate of 401,000 caribou indicated an increase in the herd over the 377,000 animals identified in a 2007 census. The revised estimate of 348,000 caribou points to a continued, modest decline.