Cap Your Tag with a Dollar Donation

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Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) reminds ethical sportsmen to stop a game thief by donating a dollar on their controlled hunt applications this spring.

Donations from hunters during the controlled hunt application are critical to the poaching hotline as it provides funding for rewards and staffing. "Well, you can always donate. That's number one and we accept any amount," said Fred Christensen, CAP board member. "Other than that, if you apply for controlled hunts you can check the box that says if you're not successful your dollar will go to CAP."

CAP is a 24-hour hotline where citizens can report poaching violations and remain anonymous if they choose. In addition, callers may also receive a reward. Last year, 645 people called that number resulting in $13, 995 in rewards.

"People have finally come to the idea that if someone is poaching they're not stealing from Fish & Game. They're stealing from everyone in the state," said Steve Anderson, CAP Line Operator. "And it's to our benefit to see that those people don't continue to do that."

Citizens who witness violations are encouraged to call in on the hotline number 1-800-632-5999.

"The extent of poaching, of course, can't really be measured accurately except that we know that it has significant impact on wildlife populations, particularly in some areas," said Christensen.