California DFG Offering Wild Pig Hunts on the Chimineas Unit

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The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) will provide hunting opportunities on the Chimineas Units of the Carrizo Plain Ecological Reserve in 2011 and 2012. This will include additional opportunities for mobility impaired hunters.

During the appropriate seasons, walk-on hunting for dove, rabbit, quail and wild pigs will be limited to Wednesdays and Saturdays during the first half of September and throughout the months of December and January. All access will be closed in October and November during the elk hunting seasons and the Chimineas Units will be closed to hunting between February and September. Walk-on access is only available from Highway 166. The North Chimineas Unit will not be open for walk-on hunting. Free access permits will be available at the Hwy 166 parking lot at mile marker 45 east of Santa Maria and at the Caliente Peak trailhead.;

Vehicle access for hunting will occur on two weekends. Twenty-five permits will be drawn for each of these one-day hunts and each permit is good for two hunters. To apply for one of these hunts, applicants need to submit a self-addressed envelope and a letter or postcard with the hunter’s name, address, telephone number and hunting license number to: DFG, 20 Lower Ragsdale Road, Suite 100, Monterey, CA 93940.

DFG will also offer five additional permits for each hunt to mobility impaired hunters to allow them to gain access to the property. The application process is the same as for the regular drawing above. Applicants should add the words “Special Draw” to the attention line when addressing their envelope. Successful applicants will need to show either a Mobility Impaired Disabled Persons Motor Vehicle Hunting License or a standard handicap vehicle placard or license plate on the day of the hunt. If more than five applicants apply, there will be a drawing among the mobility impaired applicants.

Applicants may submit only one application for each hunt and applications need to be received by 5 p.m.on the due date. Applications received late, incomplete or without a self-addressed envelope will not be considered in the draw. Successful applicants will receive additional information, including maps and special regulations, prior to the hunt.

The first drive-on hunt will be Sept. 10, 2011 for dove, pig and rabbit. Applications must be received by Aug. 12. Include "Attention: September Chimineas Hunt" when addressing an envelope to DFG. This hunt will be held on the North Chimineas Unit.

The second drive-on hunt will be Dec. 10, 2011 for dove, quail, pig and rabbit. Applications must be received by Nov. 10. Include "Attention: December Chimineas Hunt" when addressing an envelope to DFG. This hunt will be held on the South Chimineas Unit.


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Well, talk about great

Well, talk about great timing!  I spent over an hour yesterday on the phone with a couple of people trying to line up a pig hunt for December.  One palce was cheaper, but was about a 6 hour drive.  The other was a little more expensive, but was only a 3 hour drive.

Now, with this opportunity, I can stay at under 4 hours, and it may cost me no more than the permit fees. I will definately put in for this hunt, considering it's the exact weekend I wanted to go!.

I have already placed a call to the DFG to see what the success rates and such are for this hunt.  I got an answering maching, but I still hope to hear back from them soon.  In the meantime, I can't seem to find any stories of past hunts on Google, although I know they have had hunts there for a few years.

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This sounds like a great

This sounds like a great opportunity for the California guys. I especially like the extra opportunity for the mobility impaired hunters. Anything we can do to help people like this enjoy live a little more is a great thing. Not sure how good this area is but there must be some good hunting for them to promote it like this.

Good luck to anyone that gets to give it a try.