California Department of Fish and Game and the Humane Society Offer Reward for Mountain Lion Poachers

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A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of poachers who killed a mountain lion in the Santa Monica Mountains last month.

The Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG)CAL-TIP line is offering a $2,500 reward and the Humane Society of theUnited Statesand the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust is matching that amount.

The lion was discovered onSept. 11, 2011 after DFG and the National Park Service received a call of a dead mountain lion in the Santa Monica Mountains. DFG game wardens determined that the lion did not die of natural causes and opened an investigation.

Mountain lions are designated as a “specially protected mammal” in California, and it is illegal to hunt or trap them.

DFG and the National Park Service are seeking information related to the lion death and the parties responsible. Anyone with any information regarding this case should call the the DFG Cal-Tip hotline at 1-888-334-2258.


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I would never accept a dine from such a group.

From what I have read and heard California needs a cat season but still does not give this poacher the right to kill the cat. Poaching is still poaching. I would have no trouble turning in the person but I would take cash that the Humane Society of the United States is giving and give it to any pro hunting charity like Rocky Mountain Elk as HSUS is a horrible anti hunting group and I would never accept a dine from such a group. Would much rather take their money and use it for good wildlife management where ethical hunting is promoted. Again an anti hunting group gets free air time that they can use to promote their anti-hunting message.

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Yeah, Numb, you're right,

Yeah, Numb, you're right, it's our problem.... lol

Man, I wish these idiots out here in California would allow a limited hunt on them in this state.  My buddy says he has seen 3 mountain lions since the beginning of the bow season, and another buddy walked to within 15 yards of one that was eating a deer.  He slowly walked backwards, keeping his eye on it the whole time.

However, as you said, the law is the law, so until it changes, you have to respect it. It could have easily been an elk or a deer that was poached, and I would have felt it was wrong regardless.  California won't ever change the law though.  Heck, they are almost ready to ban all fishing within 3 miles of shore, for a huge chunk of the coastline.  Thousands of people will be put out of work in the recreational and commercial fishing industry, but they don't care.  It's all run by the animal rights nutjobs.

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I hope the police will be

I hope the police will be able to catch the person/people responsible for this. I do have to admit I don't understand why cougars are protected in Cali but thats their problem. Talking with some folks from Cali they say the cat population is getting way to big and the Government needs to statr a hunt for them even if it's on a limited quota. Anyways for the people who don't like the cats there are better ways to deal with a problem cat than take matters into your own hands and poach one. I do have some sympothy for the hunters down there but they need to keep things legal. The chances of the cops catching this person is pretty slim without a witness to come forward so hopefully they will get someone to talk. A total of $10,000 might just get someone to speak out.