California Deer Hunters Must Purchase Tags by Aug 6th

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Hunters interested in purchasing 2009 "A Zone" deer tags must do so by Thursday, Aug. 6 in order to hunt on opening day Aug. 8.

Though sales are typically brisk the day before the deer season begins, the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) reminds hunters that the first, second and third Friday of each month are designated "furlough" days and all DFG offices will be closed.

California residents must have both a resident hunting license and a valid deer zone tag in order to hunt deer in any zone. A resident hunting license currently costs $41.20; a resident First-Deer Tag Application is $27.55 and a resident Second-Deer Tag Application costs $34.40.

Deer tags can be purchased in person at DFG's regional offices and the DFG License and Revenue Branch in Sacramento, or through the mail. Offices are open Monday through Friday (except for the days listed above). A list of DFG license sales offices can be found at

The A Zone is the largest deer hunting zone in the state, with 65,000 tags allotted for the 2009 season.