Bull Elk Season Sees Record Harvest in Nebraska

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The bull elk hunting season closed Oct. 23 for the majority of the state, with a record 91 bulls harvested. Only the Boyd Unit, where three bull permits were issued, remains open. So far, 80 percent of the hunters who had a bull or either-sex 2011 Nebraska elk hunting permit have shot a bull.

Twenty-seven cow elk have been harvested this year to date, and the cow elk season closes Dec. 21 for every unit but Boyd, which has six cow permits and is open until Dec. 31 for both cows and bulls.

There were a record 2,544 elk applications this year, with 294 permits issued. All available permits sold for the second year in a row because of statute changes that allow landowners to draw a cow tag without affecting preference points for bull permits.


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Complaining for the fun of it.

I know that as a hunter, I am spoiled living in Colorado as it is basically the elk capital of the world, but I still wish the Nebraska elk hunt was open to non-residents.  I have seen elk in Nebraska on public land while turkey hunting in the spring, and I would love to hunt elk in that same area.  Besides loving all the terrain and wildlife in the area, the pictures I have seen of the bulls taken out of Nebraska are impressive.  I know I should be content with the options I do have, but it is easy to always want more...

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I knew Nebraska had elk

I knew Nebraska had elk permits but had no idea there was so many of them. And like was said the draw odds are not that bad. It looks like they have a preference point system as well so you should draw something in ten years or less no matter what if the current numbers continue. Congratulations to all the lucky hunters that get to try this state out.

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  I didn't think Nebraska had


I didn't think Nebraska had the elk tags offered that this article reviews.  An 80% harvest rate on bulls is outstanding.  I don't think the resident hunters can complain here.  Excellent results here and I hope this continues the positive results in the 2012 and 2013 hunting seasons for the Nebraskans.


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That's pretty good number for

That's pretty good number for the elk in Nebraska.  I knew they were getting up there in population, but that is an outstanding success.  The one thing that I can't believe, is that they only got 2500 applications.  That's nearly a 10% chance at drawing a tag, and that's great when you compare to other states with limited elk numbers. 

Tennessee, Kentucky, and even out here in California, they have extremely long odds.  At any rate, there are some pretty satisfied hunters out there in nebraska!  Very cool!