Budget Issues Cause Minnesota DNR to Shutdown

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As of midnight, June 30, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is shutdown due to a state budget impasse. For more information visit: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/shutdown.html.


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wow! This one is really

wow! This one is really getting serious now. First if you had not already gotten your fishing license for the summer your out of luck for awhile. I doubt this will go on for too long but if it does the hunting seasons are in jeopordy as well. It says if you already have your license you can hunt but I doubt that they have issued many of those yet. Here in Colorado if you applied in the draw you would be okay as the licenses are already out and in my hand but in Wyoming I know I drew but have not yet recieved the license and in this case looks like might not get it. Fortunately for me I don't have anything going on in Minnesota but I certainly sypathize with the guys that live there and enjoy the outdoors.

Hopefully they can get this sorted out quickly and get back to business as usual.