Brown Bear Hunting News

Initial Mandatory Bear Identification Test Results
The first five days after the new Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks mandatory bear identification training and test was available on January 15, over 1,100 certificates were issued to hunters who successfully completed the test. Today, nearly 15,000 certificates have been issued. Of these, about 90 percent were the result of tests taken on the Internet and the remaining certificates were issued to hunters who mailed in their tests. In 2001, FWP sold about 23,000 black bear licenses.
Bear Identification Test Required To Hunt Black Bear
Black bear hunters in Montana are now required to successfully complete a bear identification test in order to obtain a Montana black bear hunting license. The new identification program is intended to prevent mistaken killings of grizzly bears and to help Montana maintain its black bear hunting season. The new mandatory bear identification program will help hunters learn to identify whether a bear is a black bear or a grizzly bear and then test their identification skills with a 15 question multiple choice test.
Grizzly Attack Fatality Report Released
State and federal wildlife officials have released the final report on the grizzly bear attack that caused a human fatality on October 30 on the Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Management Area. The report supports the conclusion that the female and two cubs destroyed at the attack site were the bears responsible for the fatality.
Caution in Bear and Lion Country
The recent death of an elk hunter in western Montana has made all hunters more aware of the tragic consequences of unexpected encounters with grizzly bears and other predatory animals in the wild. The Wildlife, Fish and Parks (FWP) has a number of tips and suggestions to help you avoid contact with bears, lions, and wolves. Some of the suggestions are try to make more noise while hunting, don't hunt alone, and pay attention to signs of predators, such as tracks and scat.