Brown Bear Hunting News

Possible Grizzly Bear Sighting in Okanogan County
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) biologists are waiting for DNA test results and photo analysis to determine if a bear seen May 14 in the northeast corner of Okanogan County was a grizzly.
Young Male Grizzly Euthanized West of Cody
Receiving a reward is usually a good thing. If you are a large predatory animal like a bear, obtaining a human food reward could cost you your life. Such was the case this past week when wildlife biologists decided to euthanize a young grizzly bear frequenting the Pahaska Teepee Lodge west of Cody. The adage “a fed bear is a dead bear” reflects the reality that when bears are given human foods, they become problems for people. Problem bears often die.
Test Your Bear Identification Skills
True or False: Grizzly bears have short claws, long pointed ears and no hump between their shoulders. If you answered “true,” you might want to take the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Bear Identification Test. Even if you recognized the question as a description of a black bear and answered “false,” you’re still encouraged to take the voluntary exam.
Wyoming, Idaho And Montana Sign Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy
A critical step in achieving state management of the Yellowstone grizzly bear population was reached March 26 when officials from the wildlife agencies of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana and federal land management agencies approved and signed the Conservation Strategy for the Grizzly Bear in the Greater Yellowstone Area.
Grizzly Bear Hunt Reduced
With Alberta's continued stable grizzly population, the grizzly bear hunt will continue this spring. However, it will be reduced, particularly in designated areas in an effort to sustain the number of adult female bears in these areas.
New Fishing and Hunting License Year Begins March 1st
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reminds hunters and anglers that March 1 is the beginning of the new fishing and hunting license year. Current fishing and hunting licenses expire on Feb. 28, except for licenses that cover furbearer trapping and mountain lion hunting. New licenses are available at FWP offices or from FWP license providers around the state.
Coalition Launched Against Federal Anti Bear Baiting Bill
The nation's premier sportsmen's advocacy organization has joined forces with dedicated bear hunting groups to launch a coalition to fight a Virginia congressman's attempt to restrict bear hunting.
Congressman Announces Plan to End Bear Baiting
A Virginia Congressman has announced his intention to pass legislation that would ban bear hunting using bait on all federal lands. According to many state wildlife officials, baiting is needed to help control bear populations.
Yellowstone Grizzlies Doing Well
The Interagency Grizzly Bear Study Team (IGBST), reported today that 50 different sets of females with cubs were counted in the Yellowstone area in 2002. "Fifty of these females were in and around the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone," said Mark Haroldson of the IGBST. "This 2002 number is a new record high for the number of females seen with cubs."
Grizzly Killed 30 Miles South of Documented Range
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is currently investigating the death of a grizzly bear that was killed on Sunday, Aug. 11. The interesting part of this case is that it was killed in the Greys River drainage some 30 miles south of the current documented grizzly bear occupied habitat.