British Columbia Offers Open Season for Anterless Mule Deer

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The Ministry of Environment will immediately implement an open season for antlerless mule deer in British Columbia's Peace region to help address the ongoing issue of wildlife/agriculture conflicts.

The open season applies to Management Units 7-20, 7-21, 7-32 to 7-35, and 7-45 and 7-46 on private agricultural property and Crown land within 1,000 metres of private property.

This open season goes from Feb. 1 to March 15, 2007, or Feb. 1 until 72 hours after the ministry's regional manager informs the public that the season will be closed, whichever occurs first.

Hunters must report their kill within 48 hours to the Fort St. John regional office by phone (250 787-3411) or in person. They are required to report the date and location of the kill.

This special season, which was authorized under the Wildlife Act, has a separate two-deer limit in addition to the normal mule deer seasons. Hunters may use any uncancelled mule deer tags from the fall 2006 hunting season or purchase new tags.